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Intention Meditation

A meditation in which you outline what you want your meditation to do, include, and achieve.

An intention will also help you use your meditation as a way to manifest your goals—and to bring them to fruition. It will act as the driving force behind your meditation so that it can actually facilitate the positive change that you want it to.

If you are able to focus your mind on a specific intention during your meditation—you are bringing it to the forefront of your heart, your mind, and your spirit and helping to bring that intention to reality.

An intention is not a mantra. While the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they are actually quite different.

An intention is more about how you want to feel during your practice. A mantra, on the other hand, is just a sound or phrase that you repeat in your meditation. An intention is more complex than that—and is more than just a single word or phrase.

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